10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman


This video was created for a non-profit focused on ending the street harassment of women. The idea was to capture it happening in the real world using hidden cameras, and let viewers experience what this harassment feels like.

This video exploded overnight, receiving 30 million YouTube views in just five days, totaling for over 45 million views. It would be challenging to find an international news organization that did not cover it. This video sparked a worldwide discussion on street harassment, from Rush Limbaugh to the hosts of The View. It was awarded "Top 10 Trending Global Videos of 2014" by YouTube

Additionally, the video sparked an entire new YouTube trend, "10 Hours of _____ as a _____", with filmmakers creating their own videos to raise awareness in their own country, or for their own issue, or simply for a parody. These videos all combined for over a hundred million YouTube views themselves. 

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